Statement of Purpose

“Discover potential, enjoy success, prepare for life.”

At The Grange Therapeutic School we are an inclusive learning and therapeutic community that is forward thinking, innovative and committed to ensuring that all pupils are happy, enthusiastic and purposeful learners.  We believe that every pupil must be provided with opportunities to develop socially, emotionally, academically to achieve the highest possible standards, the same as we would want for our own children. On leaving the school we want our pupils to have the social skills, education and confidence to thrive in the adult world.



We are working together to:

  • Raise achievement through a commitment to high standards and expectations
  • Enable every child to succeed as an independent, enthusiastic and confident learner
  • Provide active, co-operative and independent learning through dynamic and high quality teaching
  • Create an atmosphere where each child is valued as an individual, enabling them to develop a positive self-image, self-discipline and respect and tolerance for others
  • Ensure equality of opportunity at all times, so that each child is given appropriate support and enrichment
  • Create an inclusive learning community which challenges and enables every learner to flourish, prosper and develop aspirations for a successful future
  • Provide a welcoming, secure, stimulating and enriched learning environment
  • Provide an innovative, creative and integrated curriculum which inspires and motivates children to learn and which takes account of different learning styles and their future aspirations
  • Work in partnership with parents, carers, children and the wider community
  • Support pupils through a range of therapeutic interventions to meet their SEMH needs.


Aims of the School Improvement Plan:

  • To set challenging targets in the curriculum and whole school environment to raise achievement and attainment for all pupils
  • To ensure the social, emotional, mental health needs of students are met to allow them flourish socially
  • To raise expectations and standards of learning and teaching
  • To provide high quality resources throughout the school ensuring quality and appropriate provision at all stages of children’s development
  • To provide staff with appropriate resources and training to enable them to improve their practice and carry out teaching more effectively
  • To provide inclusive and fully integrated 24 hour curricular provision to enable children to fulfil their potential
  • To provide a safe and secure learning environment which enables children to continue to treat others with understanding and respect.


Leadership and School Organisation:

  • To continue to provide strong, cohesive and effective leadership with a clear direction on improving standards, provision and achievement across the school.
  • To enable staff with leadership responsibilities to be accountable for high standards and achievement.
  • To ensure the ethos of the school is maintained throughout.
  • To ensure that the areas of therapy, care and education work seamlessly to the benefit of the students.


Staff Development:

  • To ensure that our performance management and review is effective in supporting professional development for all staff
  • To ensure that all staff continue to have opportunities for the professional review of their work
  • To ensure that the staff have the necessary qualifications and training to become specialists in their field, making them more able to support students.



  • The success of each individual is founded on our core values of respect, dignity, trust and well-being; a commitment to realising the potential of each child and young person through a broad and enriching curriculum, growing independence and widening the opportunities for continued learning and work.



The school will ensure that the welfare of our children and young people will be safeguarded, and their personal and academic growth secured by ensuring that:

  • We focus on continuous improvement, quality assurance, external evaluation, the continual professional development of our staff and partnership working with local authorities and other agencies
  • All staff are suitable and have the appropriate skills and qualifications to work with children and young people and are provided with professional and personal development to keep up to date with theory and practice and to provide the highest standards of education, therapy and care. A list of relevant qualifications is to be found within the school’s Central Register and its prospectus
  • We offer a pleasant, clean, attractive and safe environment which is geared to the needs of the pupils and enables them to live a full life; giving a firm structure and sense of order to the lives of pupils, through which they can develop and be educated
  • We have sound procedures for investigations, recording and disclosure ensuring effective handling of any matters of concern and specifically any allegations of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. We have 5 DSOs to ensure the best possible coverage of Lower School, Upper School, Outreach and Care. Nichola Johnson is the Deputy DSL, with Pete Dolan providing oversight as Lead DSL.
  • There is clarity in the standards of behaviour expected, how they are to be maintained and how unacceptable behaviour is to be tackled
  • We are responsive and flexible to the needs and potential of individuals
  • We maintain an atmosphere within which pupils feel confident and able to express their views and take a full and active part in the processes of decision making around them
  • Pupils learn to develop self-control, confidence and a sense of responsibility for their own lives and behaviour
  • Relationships are warm, supportive and capable of responding to problems and dealing with disciplinary matters fairly, sensibly and with sensitivity
  • All pupils are provided with a range of learning opportunities based on the QCA guidance, the National Curriculum framework, Vocational Pathways in which subject specific aims sit alongside the priority of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Further learning and development is encouraged through the 24 hour curriculum and the contribution of Care staff
  • Learning programmes are paced, personalised, delivered flexibly to small class groups and based on teaching styles that combine personal support and counselling with effective classroom teaching
  • Initial assessment takes account of referring authority requirements, family/carer expectations and includes care and education plans brought together in a multi-elemental plan
  • The recording and reviewing of progress and behaviour takes place on a regular basis and informs individual development as well as supporting effective relationships with authorities, parents and carers
  • Education, Therapy and Care staff work closely together to assess support and guide learners; in a spirit of care, encouragement, tolerance and thoughtfulness
  • We promote and facilitate cooperative work between the school and other professional agencies
  • We engage with families and carers, local authorities and agencies to support and strengthen the child’s place within their family and community; we place a particular emphasis upon the role of parents or carers and the relationship they have with us
  • The Grange Therapeutic School upholds the values of Acorn Education and Care, which strives towards achieving equality of opportunity in all of its service provision and employment practices. This is especially important given the discrimination and difficulties that the majority of the children, young people and their families will have experienced. We aim to eliminate inadvertent and unlawful discrimination practices in order to enable all our young people and employees to have access to opportunities to realise their own potential. Our aim is to build a diverse and socially inclusive environment that is responsive and appropriate to all.
  • This Statement of Purpose is reviewed regularly, as a part of the ongoing dialogue between the school and Acorn Education and Care. It was last reviewed in January 2022.