Community spirit at The Spinney

Over the past few terms the boys at The Spinney House have been looking at how they can contribute to the community and support those that are less fortunate.

The boys have all volunteered and been involved in various local charities. They sorted through their clothes that they no longer wear and staff donated some from their friends and families. The clothes were taken Glebe House in Loughborough – a charity that supports young adults with severe learning disabilities. The charity has an eBay site and were able to sell them and make money.

At the end of the summer term the boys went through the kitchen cupboards at The Spinney and sorted dried and tinned foods that hadn’t been used and would soon be out of date. The Rutland Food Bank were delighted to receive them and quickly added them to the food boxes that are distributed to local families.

Under the watchful eye of staff, the boys donned their hi-vis jackets and safety wear to collect litter from around the village one sunny September evening and were shocked at how much they collected. They all asked the question ‘why don’t people use bins?’!

Following a request in the village newsletter for donations to go out to the refugee camps on the border in France and in Syria, boys and staff again collected hoodies, warm jackets and other items. The boys suggested that that they used some of their house funds to buy underwear, nappies, babies’ bottles, lotions and shampoo to add to their contribution. They were very proud to take their donations to the local church and we are equally as proud of them for all their efforts towards such good causes.