Lower School – Nurture Stream and Key Stage 1 & 2

Our Nurture pupils develop essential speaking and listening skills in a variety of situations. Through the introduction of letters and sounds they begin to establish the building blocks for reading, which is reinforced through one-to-one reading sessions, along with some reading and spelling ICT programmes.

We believe in our young people developing skills in Mathematics through active learning. This includes counting, sorting, matching, seeking patterns, making connections, recognising relationships and working with numbers, shapes and measures.

Young people develop the skills that help them make sense of the world by following our very own Nurture Curriculum that was written within the school with the help of Dr Tina Rae. This curriculum is heavily based around the five principles of SEAL (social and emotional aspects of learning).

The Nurture curriculum is delivered in our Nurture bases, offering a curriculum delivered via nurturing principles and the development of a social and emotional skills programme. The pupils participate in weekly cooking lessons and Forest School. Forest School provides a free and stimulating learning experience. It allows all children to test themselves and involves stimulating hands on experiences to build self- esteem, confidence and pride. The use of the outdoor setting, and the natural resources supports them to develop new skills and learn the art of reflection. Forest School is delivered to all pupils at Lower School.

We believe that the Nurture programme develops skills in such a way that it is more likely to ensure academic success.

Standard Stream (Key Stages 1 and 2)

This curriculum will be offered to pupils joining the school between Years 3 – 7 and will enable re-engagement through a thematic approach. Within these years students study a common curriculum comprising of timetabled lessons in Art, Carp Academy, Catering, Computing, Literacy, Music, Numeracy, PE, SEAL, Science, French and Topic (containing History, Geography and RE) and Forest School.

The Standard Stream Curriculum is introduced and developed on a thematic, topic based curriculum and incorporates all core subjects and follows the KS1 (where applicable) and KS2 National Curriculum objectives to ensure all areas are covered. Alongside this thematic approach, discrete intervention to support learning in numeracy and literacy will focus on pupils being able to catch up and fill in gaps in their learning. All core and foundation subjects are based on the National Curriculum, which are created and planned around the term’s topic. The plans are differentiated within each class so that every student’s needs are catered for. These are being created so that plans will be available on a three-year cycle to ensure that no student repeats any area of the curriculum.

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