The Manor boys mark the World War I Centenary

Some of our residential students at The Manor House, along with Residential Support Workers Kieron Chapman and Chris Meredith-Wood, decided that they wanted to mark the World War I Centenary. Kieron served in the RAF for six and a half years and Chris was a Paratrooper for over 20 years.

They spoke to one of our neighbours, Geoff, who is on the village Parish Council who was able to seek permission for the boys (and staff) to put poppies around Knossington.

Kieron was able to source the poppy materials and Chris contacted the local church for the names of those who had served and fallen in WWI. Robbie and Sonny assisted in the cutting and gluing of the symbolic flowers on the Monday night (leaving them to dry in the games room) and they all went out on the Tuesday – with Alfie joining them – to put the giant poppies up on lampposts, gates and signs – which look fantastic!

Along with the poppies are the names of Knossington’s fallen soldiers who died in service more than a hundred years ago, which both Geoff and some of the other villagers were touched by.