• World Book Day 2021

    Posted on 10.03.21 by The Grange Therapeutic School

    After an assembly regarding world book day around the world Lower School pupils enjoyed going on a “Where’s Wally?” hunt around their classrooms and did various other in class activities such as,…

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  • Children in Need at The Grange

    Posted on 23.11.20 by The Grange Therapeutic School

    Some of the Residential pupils from The Spinney and Manor spent all evening baking delicious cakes and flapjacks to sell to the rest of school the following lunch time and it was…

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  • Rutland Food Bank

    Posted on 23.10.20 by The Grange Therapeutic School

    Two members of the School Council went to donate surplus food, including bread, milk, canned goods and sweet treats, to the Rutland Food Bank at the end of half term. They were…

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  • World Food Day 2020!

    Posted on 19.10.20 by The Grange Therapeutic School

    Lower School celebrated World Food Day by visiting 3 continents from around the world. In each continent they were invited to taste different foods. North and South America – Pretzels, Papaya, Jamaican…

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  • Lower School Election

    Posted on 19.10.20 by The Grange Therapeutic School

    In order to elect new members for the whole school student council, Lower School pupils who wished to stand were asked to record why they would make a good candidate, and an…

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  • Beat the Easter Blues: Writing Competition

    Posted on 03.04.20 by The Grange Therapeutic School

    Do something different this holiday and become a part of The Grange’s history! We are going to create a book of writing produced during this unique and unusual time.  All you need…

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  • World Book Day 2020

    Posted on 09.03.20 by The Grange Therapeutic School

    To celebrate World Book Day Lower School went to the local library. The pupils had a good look around and familiarised themselves with the layout and how to find books. The pupils…

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  • Election day at Lower School

    Posted on 16.12.19 by The Grange Therapeutic School

    The Lower School pupils had a fun and informative assembly about the General Election. As well as learning about some of the rules around voting we talked about why we vote and…

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    Posted on 11.11.19 by The Grange Therapeutic School

    TO HONOR THE VETERANS With bravery and strength they serve, With dignity and pride they stand, With courage and hope they fight, The life they live is Dangerous, Treacherous, Rough, And Hard…

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  • Lower School Blue Cross for Pets Assembly

    Posted on 07.11.19 by The Grange Therapeutic School

    Pets change our lives, We change theirs. Lower school were very fortunate to have a visit from the Blue Cross. Who did an interactive and Fun assembly about being safe with dogs….

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