An on-site team of
professional therapists



Holistic approach

Many children who come to The Grange have a whole range of social, emotional and mental health issues which prevent them from thriving in their academic and personal life. To help them manage their feelings and work through specific issues, we make therapy an integral part of our timetable. We have a dedicated psychotherapist who heads up a multi-disciplinary team including a speech and language therapist, occupational therapist and two general child therapists. Their work is over seen by one of the group Clinical Psychologists – Dr Leanne Johnson.


Focused Therapy Centre

All therapy is conducted on site. mostly in The Lodge, a spacious, homely environment where children can relax away from the classroom. Group Speech and Language Therapy sessions may take place in the classroom. All our children who come for therapy will have been referred by either a GP, social worker, teacher family or carer, CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services), paediatrician, or sometimes themselves. We carefully select a therapist whose skills and experience match the needs of each child and will support the child for as long as they require our help.


Integrated Approach

Our therapist, education and care staff work seamlessly together to help set targets around each individual child. Our Head of Therapy joins the staff meeting at the end of each day and frequently runs training sessions to ensure there is consistency in our approach throughout the school. Some of this training is in conjunction with the school SENCos. Therapists also play an active role in communicating with the wider network of individuals and organisations involved in the lives of our children – be it Youth Offending teams, CAMHS and the children’s families or carers. Therapists regularly speak with parents and carers too and often help them develop strategies to support their child’s development at home.


Coping during the day

We build periods of therapy into the weekly plan for most of our children. On site we also have quiet rooms where children can take themselves if they feel anxious or just need a break from the classroom environment. Our beautiful grounds also provide a wonderful haven of space and calm where children can unwind.



We have an on-site team of professional therapists with specialist training, knowledge and experience in a range of psychological therapies. Skills in the team include psychotherapy, counselling, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, psychological assessment and work with children on the verge of entering the criminal justice system. Our therapy team supports our young people, their families or carers, and placing authorities.

The Therapy Team

The Therapy Team is an invaluable resource of the school which provides:

Safe spaces for children with complex presenting psychological problems to discuss their difficulties, develop new ways to manage their lives and improve their options for the future.

Facilitation for pupil living – learning.

Occasional support for some families and carers to help make sense of their children’s presenting problems.

Working closely with, as well as supporting, colleagues in making sense of the complex needs and demands of our pupils

Professional psychological advice to education and care staff and other specialists where needed, including training.