World Food Day 2020!

Lower School celebrated World Food Day by visiting 3 continents from around the world. In each continent they were invited to taste different foods.

North and South America – Pretzels, Papaya, Jamaican Patties, cactus juice, plantain crisps, corn crisps

Asia – Spring Rolls, Seaweed, Vegetable Pakoras, Mango Lassi, chilli and lime crisps, naan bread

Europe – Pork Pie, Dutch pancakes, cheese and bean pasties, German smoked sausages, feta cheese

Oliver, Year 6, said, “I really enjoyed trying different foods, I did not like the Feta but I liked the Cactus Juice and Corn Crisps”.

Kieran, Year 5, said, “Yum Yum! It was great! I liked the cactus juice and the Jamaican patty. I didn’t like the chilli and lemon crisps”.

Katy, Year 7, said, “I liked the corn sticks, naan bread, pancakes and sausage. I liked the Asian food. I really enjoyed the day as I liked trying the food”.