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The Grange Therapeutic School – Our Approach


Building Trusting Relationships

We believe that success in the classroom depends on great relationships between staff and pupils. Many of our pupils have had negative experiences of school, so we take time to get to know them and understand their worries and concerns, so we can engage them in education and make learning fun. We pride ourselves on offering a safe and secure environment where our children can be themselves without fear or judgement.

Commitment to Each Child

We develop a unique educational plan for each child, taking into account their talents, interests, broader needs and circumstances. Within small focused classes of no more than six students, we have the capacity to creatively tailor lessons to engage all our children. In addition, we schedule one-to-one interventions and therapy sessions that focus on particular issues or areas of development.

Involving Parents and Carers

We make a point of building close relationships with each child’s family or carer and other agencies who are involved in their life, so we provide the very best, personalised support. Our Stakeholder Support Officer is on hand to help families with any queries and concerns they may have. We make a point of keeping parents and carers updated on their child’s progress, offering help and sharing encouraging news about their child.

Removing Barriers to Education

We have a great track record of transitioning children into full time education and our school attendance rate is well above that of similar schools in our area. The classrooms themselves are bright, welcoming and well resourced. We use the full range of auditory, visual and kinaesthetic learning techniques to engage our students and get them practically involved in learning. For our most reluctant students, we start by offering outreach lessons at home to help build their confidence and self-esteem.

Celebrating Achievement

We love to celebrate the individual achievements of our children. Each week we take time during assembly to recognise those who have made progress – be it in their academic performance, their school attendance or in their behaviour. Children love the incentive of participating in a variety of fun activities on a Friday afternoon, including going horse riding, bowling or to the local swimming pool. We also make sure to call a child’s parents or carers so they can celebrate their success too.

“The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. They adapt quickly to the expectations of the school and their conduct in lessons enables them to learn effectively.” Ofsted 2018


“Staff are passionate and committed to providing a high quality service for the benefit of residential pupils ensuring their health, wellbeing and educational achievement.” Ofsted 2015

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Each pupil has their own curriculum, centred around both indoor and outdoor activities they enjoy, to ensure they renew their interest in learning. Experienced teachers and tutors ensure the boys take advantage of the school’s spectacular rural environment which has its own carp lake, as well as riding and water sports activities nearby.


Ethos and Values

Over the past thirty years, The Grange Therapeutic School has pioneered and developed an approach which ensures that pupils are supported in their development through a balanced provision of education, care and therapy with the combination of the following provision:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Child-centred family support
  • Whole school therapeutic support
  • Educational programmes
  • A broad and balanced curriculum, including vocational opportunities
  • Key Stage 4 students agree an individual learning programme which combines GCSEs, Vocational Education and the school’s extensive 24 hour curriculum.
  • These are inter-related, progressive and responsive to individual needs.
  • This rich history and experience provide the basis for the on-going development of the school.